Note of the Executive Director

“The world is facing multiple health challenges and Rwanda is no exception. From health-threatening outbreaks to growing rates of non-communicable diseases and Neglected Tropical diseases’ impact in our communities, Rwanda is deeply concerned about the spread of these diseases.

As Rinda Ubuzima’s main goal is to promote health in Rwanda, we are extremely preoccupied with how life-threatening these diseases are to Rwandans. Therefore, we, as a local NGO operating in the health sector, are doing our very best to ensure that we eradicate these diseases.

At Rinda Ubuzima, we have dedicated our efforts to doing clinical trials of promising drugs in both prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. By doing this, we are participating to move medicine forward. Hence, ensure that we have better chances of eradicating these diseases.

However, not only in Rwanda but on a global scale, when it comes to the participation of people in a clinical trial, it is known that the recruitment of subjects is the main challenge. We are facing challenges to enroll them. This is due to the misunderstanding but also the fear that the general population has about clinical trials. Therefore, at Rinda Ubuzima we advocate for safe and controlled clinical trials, we urge the general population too, whenever they can move medicine forward, participate in a clinical trial.

It is imperative that we understand that clinical trials are being conducted for the greater good. In fact, without clinical trials, medical innovations and discoveries wouldn’t be achieved, as new cures and/or vaccines for all diseases are licensed depending on the results they have shown throughout clinical trials.

In Rwanda, we are fortunate enough to have strong leadership that is understanding the benefits of clinical trials and is facilitating their implementations by fast-tracking the administrative procedures. In fact, in Rwanda, when all requirements are met, decision-makers grant authorizations within a short period of time comparing to other countries of the sub-region.”

Marie Michele UMULISA,
Rinda Ubuzima Executive Director