Mission, Vision and Objectives

Our Background

Rinda Ubuzima is the continuation of the former Projet Ubuzima; an International Non-Governmental Organization founded in 2004 in Amsterdam by Janneke Van de Wijgert, Ph.D., MD, MSc and Colleagues who were Members of Management Team of the International Antiviral Therapy Evaluation Center (IATEC).

Rinda Ubuzima has operated a research clinic and laboratory in Kigali and has successfully implemented many studies.

After six years of intensive capacity building in clinical research and clinic/laboratory equipment acquisition, the management of Projet Ubuzima has decided to change the status of Projet Ubuzima from an International Non-Governmental Organization to a National Non-Governmental Organization named Rinda Ubuzima.



The mission of Rinda Ubuzima is to execute all activities aiming to promote health in Rwanda.



Our vision is to become a center of excellence in research.


To achieve this mission Rinda Ubuzima has fixed the following objectives:

To bring together researchers from all over the world (Africa, Europe, Asia, North
and South America) to develop medical research in Rwanda,


To conduct/implement clinical research and other studies to move medicine
forward, through medical and global health research,


To contribute to capacity building in clinical research,

To conduct health promotion activities through community engagement and outreach,


To closely collaborate with the Rwanda Ministry of Health in implementing the public
health issues.